Somewhere Unexpected

Somewhere Unexpected

Somewhere Unexpected

When you truely experiment, the medium sometimes takes you places you had no idea existed. This was the case with this image and I want to show you the journey.

I started in ArtRage on my iPad. I was experimenting with getting straight lines because ArtRage does not have a line tool. I used a plastic straight edge and swiped my finger along the edge to get straight lines across the entire image.

I saved that image and opened it in iColorama and experimented with the Bristle tool and the Sketch tool. I saved three more versions.

I then went back to ArtRage and imported two of the new versions into separate layers and experimented with blending the layers.

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Finally, I opened the last of the ArtRage versions and rotated it in Photogene, and that is the image you see at the top of the page.


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