Up at the Lake

iPad Painting

iPad Painting.


I’m working on the iPad this morning with the iColorama app. Usually I import a photo or another piece of art and alter it, but today I wanted to use the brushes within iColorama to create a new painting from scratch. The program has a wide variety of brushes. I explored only two or three. I then opened the image in Pixlrama and altered the color balance and texture a bit. Finally I sharpened and altered the contrast in Photogene.

Gradients and Layer Mixing

Gold Gradient

Gold Gradient

I”ve been experimenting with ways to get gradients into my art projects on the iPad. I started the above image in ArtRage and filled the page with a gold color on a textured paper. I then opened that image in iColorama and applied a gradient and another paper texture and saved it. Next, I opened the iColorama image in Sketch Club and imported it into a layer. I copied that layer and used transform to resize and rotate it. I then used the eraser tool to create an interesting shape. I copied that shape into another layer and offset it behind the original shape and set the blend to Difference. I also copied the original paper texture, resized it with Transform, rotated it and placed it behind the two shape layers. Finally I copied the small paper texture layer, blurred it, and moved it over a bit to create a drop shadow.

I like the textures, colors, and gradients of this one.