Length:15 minutes

Show Listing:

Nola 0:00 4:41
Frog Legs Rag 4:42 1:03
Sweet Georgia Brown 5:45 1:31
12the Street Rag 7:16 1:24
Maple Leaf Rag 8:42 3:10
Kitten on the Keys 11:53 3:02


And now we travel back in time 40 years to hear me play some ragtime piano. I made these recordings on May 25, 1973. I was single then and for a short time I played piano in a bar in Dallas, Oregon. One day while practicing I used an audiocassette recorder so I could listen to my performance. These are unedited recordings including bad timing, wrong notes and all.

This picture of me at the piano was taken in Bartlesville, Oklahoma in 1969.

Equipment list:

  • Griffin iMic
  • Mac iBook using SoundEdit 16

The original recording was made on a Sony CF-400 audiocassette recorder. Each song was digitized through the iMic and saved as an AIF file at 16 bit, 44.1 kHz. I then combined all the songs into a single AIF file and used iTunes to convert the AIF file to a 64 kbps, 22kHz. MP3 file and to set the ID3 tags.