Name That Tune

How many songs do you “know”, but “don’t know”? This tune suddenly appeared during my harmonica practice. I knew the melody. I knew that it was a love song from a show or movie, but I didn’t know the title or most of the lyrics or who sung it. Can you place it? Here’s a big hint.


First person to peg it in the comments gets 10 points. And you know what points mean!


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4 Responses to Name That Tune

  1. lucy says:

    Once I had a secret love … Now it’s not a secret anymore.Am I close?

  2. Gary says:

    Once I had a secret love–doris day it took me all of 58 seconds (listen, think of the lyric, google it and bango!) but now i see that the email was sent two (busy) days ago! And I’m not likely the winner of the 10 (meaningful?) points. gotta scoot g

  3. Gary says:

    And Lucy got the tune, but I got the singer! Do I get at least half of the points?

  4. Jim says:

    Very good Lucy and Gary. You both get half points. It is "Secret Love" sung by Doris Day in the 1953 movie "Calamity Jane".I could not think of the title. I thought it might be "Perfect Love", but that wasn’t it. I had to Google some of the lyrics to get it. The lyric I could remember was "Now I shout it from the highest hill". That led me to a YouTube video of Doris singing the song.