Infinite iPod


This one was more of a construction than a drawing. I have a hard time making a clean black line in Brushes. Usually I get a ragged line that’s 2 or 3 pixels wide and I have to undo or go in with white and attempt to clean up the line. Very laborious! It was a good lesson.
I did the layout in Photoshop. I scanned the Touch on a flatbed scanner and used that image for the outermost iPod. I also photographed my hand holding the iPod and I pasted that image onto the screen of each iPod rotating it a bit to the left each time. There are actually 10 levels of iPods in the reference photo. In Brushes I was only able to draw 6 levels. The limiting factor was the wide of the line. I used the same (smallest) line width throughout the drawing.
The idea came to me while drawing the Hand X-Ray. Initially I was going to call it “Refrigerator Art” and use the line drawing on the screen of the iPod and photograph it hanging on the refrigerator. But after experimenting with it, I found I preferred the line drawing by itself.


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