Today I’m experimenting with a new free art program for the iPad and iPhone called Ukiyoe – Woodcut. It mimics creating woodblock prints. The free program comes with one chisel which is pretty large. Swiping with your finger digs out a chunk of wood and like a real woodblock print you work in reverse (a mirror image). Here’s what the interface looks like.


You can rough in a sketch with a pencil and then start carving. The raised areas print black and the dug out areas remain white. You can save the image to your photo gallery, but unfortunately it isn’t very big. It’s only 512 x 758 pixels. Here’s the original saved image.


I tried a number of revisions using a variety of applications. I first used Photogene to flip the image.


I then tried Art Camera to make a negative using the Inverse filter. You could also use PhotoPad to do the same thing.


That didn’t appeal to me. So, next I brought the image into Brushes, sized it up a little bit, but left a white border, and did a bit of touch up in a separate layer. I added the door and repainted the window and fixed the two pilings and gave some definition to the roof and stovepipe.

I hope the developers continue to improve this application. I’d like to see a true HD version with higher resolution. I’d also like the ability to import reference images from the Photo Gallery.


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