I’m learning to sketch with iDoodle 2 on the iPod Touch. It supports soft edges and transparency and the advanced color picker is RGB. I did the clouds using the pen tool with soft edges on and transparency set to about half way up. You can build up your color slowly. the palms were done with the blob tool. You draw a shape and it fills it in with the fill color and outlines it with the line color. The buildings were done with the blob tool also and I used the rectangle tool to draw the windows. I used the pen tool to add the bushes in the lower right.


You can save the image to your iPod’s image collection and email it to yourself. I then opened the file (jpg) in Photoshop and rotated it to be horizontal instead of vertical. The native size is 533×800 which is almost twice the size of the iPod’s screen (320×480). It looks fuzzy at this size.


This could be used to capture quick ideas on location and it’s fun once you get the hang of it. By the way, I’m using the Pogo Stylus instead of my finger for more accurate drawing.


Here’s the picture I was looking at when I drew the above image. It’s Windslow Homer’s Hurricane – a watercolor painted in Nassau.


Windslow Homer Hurricane Watercolor

Windslow Homer Hurricane Watercolor


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