3 Responses to GarageBand Test

  1. Lucy says:

    Sounds great! When did you get an iPad 3? Let’s talk!

  2. Gary Roelofs says:

    Yes, as Lucy said…sounds great!And the iPad3!I,m busy here with Gertrude Stein for Librivox (and building and gardening…aound the moles)More later!

  3. Lucy says:

    Try juicy fruit chewing gum. You have to chew it first and then put it down the hole!!! *grin* Just got my subwoofer hooked up and started again. Actually it was hooked up, but someone had turned the sound all the way down. The turn button is hidden under an overhand on the back! Luckily, my Mac Guy plays music using his Mac as another instrument and a manager of tunes. His company is called Sax on the Beach! We cranked it up and rocked the neighborhood!!! *grin* I’m a happy camper. I’m off to order my new 27″ Mac next week! Now if I could just figure out: air play, air display, air print.