Custom Grain Textures

Today I figured out how to install custom grain textures in ArtRage for iPad.

"Brew-Ha-Ha" (evil magician’s laugh inserted here).

Here’s how I did it. The trick was to use Phone Disk to mount my iPad as a hard disk on my Macbook. This nifty Mac app is available for free through December. You can right mouse click on the ArtRage app and Show Package Contents. From there you can open the App Resources folder and navigate down to the Grains folder. All the Grain textures are png files. I made a custom texture in Photoshop – 512 x 512 px – and saved it as a png. I then dragged the custom png file into the Grains folder on the iPad. The new grain texture showed up at the end of the Grains list after all the default ones. The name was the filename. This really opens up a lot of possibilities.

iPad, ArtRage app, finger.

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