2 Responses to Cripple Creek

  1. Gary says:

    So, for a whole day (until I got into the car and listened to a Laurie Anderson CD), I was in whirl…to see my girl. Thanks! It was a trip back to the Green Mountain Boys of 1963–Gary Roelofs, Phil Wintermute, and Doug McKenzie singing that an a bunch of other folksie stuff (including our class song based on….gee, I’ve forgotten the name and who did it…maybe it’ll come as I type the words: we started out as freshmen, wide-eyed and kinda scared. For the hardships of highschool we were quite unprepared. Then we met Mr. Devlin [class advisor] and we lost all our fears; we’re not afraid of him at all, nor any of his peers. [chorus] We’ll be landsmen and sailors, some tinkers and tailors, doctors and lawyers…..and soldiers….[?]. The next year as sophomores, things started gettin better. We all came to school in all kinds of weather…..etc etc etc). Anyway, hope your visit was everything that that music communicated–joyful, harmonic, playful, and connected. cheers and thanks. g

  2. Jim says:

    Those were the days my friend. We thought they’d never end. Thanks for the good wishes. It’s been a good visit, but all trips are too short.