Parlor Car


Painted this on the moving train on my way back from my California trip. I was sitting in the parlor car. I did a very loose sketch in pen first. Then I added watercolor.

Here’s the pen sketch and a reference photo I took with my iPad.


Moleskine watercolor journal, Noodler’s Ink flex nib pen with Noodler’s Bulletproof Black ink, Lucas watercolors.

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0 Responses to Parlor Car

  1. Lucy says:

    Pretty fancy club car. I didn’t get to travel on one like this, when Terri, Doug, Steve and I went to San Francisco. We went overnight on the cheap and semi reclined on regular train seats. They turned the lights off early and Terri was working on her dissertation. I still remember her trying to type on the computer with a small flashlight held in her teeth!!!Great ink work for a moving, rumbling train!

  2. Jim says:

    Yeah, pretty plush for us first class passengers, but it was FREEZING in there which didn’t help my line quality. I added the color later when I was warmer.