MultiTrack DAW Practice

The last couple of days I’ve been practicing with JP Allen’s DVDs and CDs which are great. I’ve picked up a few more techniques including tremolo and wah wah and slide.

Today’s practice is done using my iPad and the MultiTrack DAW application. i discovered that you can import a track from your iTunes collection as a stereo track in MultiTrack. I used Track 22 from JP’s “Getting Campfire Ready – CD #2”.


Track 1 is the CD track and track 2 is my harmonica recording. The original CD track was more than 6 minutes. I shortened it in MultiTrack by copying the track to Track 3, trimming Track 1 to about 2 minutes, and trimming Track 3 to just the last few bars. Notice I panned the CD tracks slightly to the left and the harmonica track to the right. I also adjusted each track’s volume, bringing the guitar down a bit and the harmonica up a bit.

I used my Blue Snowflake USB mic plugged into the Camera Connection Kit USB adapter. I used headphones while recording the harmonica to monitor the CD track (guitar).

I really like using this setup for practice. It’s portable and completely silent – no computer fan noise to contend with. It makes a very clean recording.


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