Banging on the Harp

My hat goes off to all those wonderful music teachers out there who can listen with patience and good cheer to budding musicians practicing. It must be torture.

Today’s 5 minute practice compares to a little kid banging on the piano. It’s done with enthusiasm, but very little technique. I attempt diaphragmatic breathing, single note scales, note bends, and chugging (chords, not beer).

Warning: may be painful at times to listen to.

I recorded this with my Edirol R-09HD stereo recorder in my lap. I like the simplicity and quality of this little recorder.


It’s easy to carry around and use anywhere. It records WAV or MP3 files to a SD card. So, transferring the recordings to the computer is a snap. I made three recordings and edited pieces from each together into the finished composite using Audacity.

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